Blossom honey

Blossom honey

General: It is honey that comes from a variety of Greek flowers that bloom during spring and summer.

Taste and aroma: It has a great aroma as well as a light, delicate taste with amber-like texture. It is sweeter than pine tree honey.

Color: The color varies depending on the variety of the flower, but it is generally light colored.

Crystallization: Natural blossom honey crystallizes. It is a normal process and has nothing to do with the quality or authenticity of the honey. Its nutritional value isn’t affected either.

Nutritional value: It is valuable for the body since it contains many beneficial properties, reduces fatigue and instantly rejuvenates the body.

Available in glass, plastic and metal containers

v 0.25 kg

v 0.5 kg

v 1 kg

v 3 kg

Μέλι πεύκου
Μέλι καστανιάς

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