The Georgakas family

In 1948, Argyris Georgakas begins his involvement of our family with apiculture (beekeeping), since he buys his first baskets and starts beekeeping as a career.

His love for bees and their products, makes him one of the best beekeepers.

In 1985, his son Dimitris Georgakas takes charge of the business and until today, with the same passion, he becomes one of the best apiculturists (beekeepers) in our country.

Today, the grandchildren Argyris Georgakas and Ioannis Georgakas, working along their father in the production and distribution of the products, have managed to make the family business one of the most organized beekeeping units.

With new and modern facilities, as well as equipment located in Arnea, our business meets all Greek and European standards of production, packaging and marketing of honey, by applying the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Philosophy and Goals

For us, the best honey is the honey which is produced by the bees and it is harvested and packaged carefully in appropriate facilities.

We work daily to carefully collect what our bees create, so we can offer them to you.

Our goal, by following the ancestral tradition, is to keep producing pure, high quality honey, as well as excellent quality bee products coming directly from the Greek nature.


T 23720.22837 | honeygeorgaka@hotmail.com

Arnea Halkidiki, Greece, 63074

OPENING HOURS 8.30 – 9.30

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