Pine honey

Pine honey

General: It is the most important category of Greek honey since over 60% of the overall yearly honey production, comes from pine trees. It belongs in the honeydew honey category, and for its productions, the insect Marchalina hellenica is required. Pine tree honey, comes from Marchalina hellenica’s secretions (amino acids and sugars).

Taste and aroma: It is not very sweet, with a great taste and a medium intensity smell.

Color: Color varies depending on the season of production. In spring, the color is lighter while during autumn, it is darker.

Crystallization: It crystallizes difficulty due to its low content of sugars, especially glucose.

Nutritional Value: It is a type of honey with high nutritional value because it contains a large amount of nutrients and it is rich in minerals and elements (calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron etc), proteins and amino acids. It contains fewer calories than flower honey.

Available in glass, plastic and metal containers

v 0.25 kg

v 0.5 kg

v 1 kg

v 3 kg

Βασιλικός πολτός
Μέλι ανθέων

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